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How can we build momentum to inclusive leadership? Why are we not getting there faster? How can leaders form inclusive leadership styles? Join Christina Bösenberg, Science & Industry Board Member of leading digital coaching provider, CoachHub, and discover how you can foster a culture of inclusivity, from leadership and beyond, and how you can scale this throughout organisations.

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Christina Bösenberg was working as an entrepreneur and for several Fortune 100 companies, Christina brings 20 years of global management experience in digital organisational development, executive learning and IT. Christina is a CoachHub Scientific and Advisory Board member and is also a keynote speaker and leader in co-creationalism and learning ecosystems, specialising in creating human-centric platforms and organisation designs that foster agile transformations, risk-taking, experimentation and creative collaboration at scale. Offering her perspective on the modern virtual, this is a valuable opportunity to have your questions and concerns answered from a renowned expert in the future of work.

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