Taking a look behind the scenes of companies: In the interview series herWHY, female employees give an insight and a very personal view of their job. They report on how they got there and describe the benefits they bring to the company with their area of responsibility. Learn about the women’s varied paths and get an authentic insight into the company.

Corinna Wolf (Infineon Technologies AG) in herWHY interview

herCAREER: Why did you choose the company where you are currently employed?

Corinna Wolf: Infineon is a global technology leader; our products and applications contribute significantly to decarbonization and digitalization. Energy efficiency and saving energy, connecting the real and the digital world, all this is possible with chips from Infineon. You would be surprised about wherever our semiconductors are part of your daily life. In addition, the colleagues and the company culture are an important reason why I am with Infineon for more than 6 years now. Respect and collaboration are at the heart of our interactions, and you can develop your career based on your interests and your contributions.

herCAREER: Can you explain the “why” behind your chosen path? What drives you from a professional and personal perspective?

Corinna Wolf: I have always been fascinated by how technology can make our world or even simple things easier and more efficient. In my new role, I am even closer to these developments and I have the opportunity to bring them together with the requirements of our customers. These opportunities are very motivating.

herCAREER: How or where do you have the possibility to shape outcomes / future developments?

Corinna Wolf: With regards to digitalization, we also use new technologies or software internally, for example in digital marketing. My team contributes intensively to ensure that this meets our customers’ needs to continuously improve the user experience. Moreover, we collaborate with customers and partners to offer new solutions, based on our products and applications, for their challenges. As an example, we have developed a solution with Sleepiz, a Swiss start-up, to analyze sleeping patterns. It uses Infineon XENSIV™ Radar Sensors and Sleepiz algorithms. Sleep apnea can now be diagnosed in your bedroom, no need to go to a sleep laboratory anymore. We are very proud of it.

herCAREER: Which three professional skills do you think are crucial for the job?

Corinna Wolf: In my role, I am no expert anymore. We have outstanding expertise in our teams. Therefore, leadership skills, strategic competencies and transformation knowledge are very important in my function.

herCAREER: Which of your talents in particular do you bring to the table in this job?

Corinna Wolf: Foster innovation and continuous evolution, support employees in their development, drive collaboration and stakeholder management.

herCAREER: The herCAREER community is primarily about a professional exchange based on the personal experience and knowledge of the sparring partner. We are also interested in making women who act as role models visible throughout the year and, with their consent, in networking them. On which topics would you like to act as a sparring partner?

  • (International) career development, working in a male-dominated environment
  • Human Resources, Marketing

herCAREER: Are there any topics on which you personally are looking for a sparring partner and would like to continue a professional and personal exchange? Then give us some keywords for your topics.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Start-ups

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About this person

Corinna Wolf studied Economic Education with a major in Human Resources and English languages at the Technical University of Dresden. In 2003, she started her first job in Human Resources in the semiconductor industry at Qimonda in Dresden. 2009 she changed to Engie, a global French energy utility provider, where she worked in different senior HR functions in Berlin, Brussels, Paris and Milan. Since 2009, she is part of Infineon, first in Human Resources and, since April 2022, in a Marketing responsibility. Throughout her career, she has been driven by her passion for innovation and digitalization as well as by a strong motivation to provide the best possible solution for customer challenges.

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