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The expo offers you a number of ways how to get in touch with attractive companies. But herCAREER offers much more than just the exhibiting companies, organizations, institutions, networks and ministries – they offer you to meet more than 450 role models, insiders and experts on how to start or advance your career and entrepreneurship. We are looking forward to having you!


Get matched with employers that suit you.


“Women need their own career event, herCAREER is the perfect fit for this need”


Enrich your network across hierarc hies and benefit from the know-how of experienced leaders


Free travel arrangement for students and graduates …

herCAREER – more than an average career expo.

herCAREER is THE leading career expo for womens’ career planning addressing female graduates, women in specialist and executive positions, and founders.

Women and exhibiting companies discuss opportunities and challenges as a professional also including work family balance. In addition: top-class role models from politics, science, business and interesting employers  which explicitely promote equal opportunities for women in management.

The numerous formats on work family balance, training and development, and startups and entrepreneurship make this career expo truly unique.

Enjoy the manifold program including 200 MeetUps, Job-Offer-Talks, and more than 60 presentations, discussions and keynotes with more than 250 insiders, role models and experts.

herCAREER is so unique due to its variability, its honest experience exchange, and its networking across hierarchies. We explicitely add men into the equation – because we know well that we need them as well if we want to make lasting change. herCAREER is much more than just a career expo – it stands for exchanging your knowledge and expertise on par with role models and networking with supporters from politics, science and the business world.

We wish you inspiring meetings, contacts and connections at herCAREER. We are looking forward to having you!