Cum-ex Chief Investigator Leaves Public Prosecutor’s Office for Non-Governmental Organization

2024-05-09T12:23:01+02:0023. Apr 2024|herVIEW, Pressemitteilungen|

Germany's leading Cum-ex investigator, Senior Prosecutor Anne Brorhilker, is leaving the Cologne Public Prosecutor's Office (thus relinquishing her civil service status) to become the Managing Director of the non-governmental organization Finanzwende, in [...]

Dr. Joy Buolamwini – the conscience of the AI industry

2024-05-09T12:22:36+02:0022. Apr 2024|Science, Digitalization & Technology, Society, Pressemitteilungen, herVIEW|

"Dr. Joy Buolamwini is considered the conscience of the AI industry – and one of its most powerful women. Even people like US President Joe Biden listen to her. Also because she [...]

Only fixed quotas are effective

2024-06-19T13:46:25+02:0020. Jun 2020|Leadership & Communication, Society, Pressemitteilungen, herVIEW|

"Voluntary measures have little effect; only fixed #quotas work," stated Family Minister Franziska Giffey and Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht in light of new reports on the development of the proportion of women [...]